Hey guys, took me SOOOOO long to get this video out… And i apologize for those who have been asking for it, knowing about the challenge. This one was very difficult to piece together in a edit, because there were so many different, and mismatching clips, and on a couple occaisions my camera got knocked out of position, so i had to use other clips. ANYWAY! the video is out. I spent 3 days in Brisbane breaking haha. My first comp was the pancake manor comp, where i broke the previous record of 29 , by eating 31. Then i did the PHAT BASTARD Challenge at Lonboards Bar in the Gold Coast, beating the previous record of 6:03. And lastly, I beat the previous record of 19 minutes at Arrivederci in Brisbane. Those few days were absolutely awesome, and i thank everyone who came along to say hi and watch me eat. I hope you guys enjoy, and as always, STAY AWESOME! Yew!

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