In all of my travels, one of my favorite places I’ve visited is the country of India. I first visited the country in January of 2018, and I fell in love with the people, its culture, and of course, its mouthwatering cuisine. I loved it so much that I went back just eleven months later in November, and this time I teamed up with my buddy Sam so we could explore seven incredible Indian cities together. After 36 hours in our first city, Pune, we flew off to the second city on our itinerary, !

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The city of Hyderabad is practically synonymous with , a layered basmati rice dish that is extremely popular throughout the Indian subcontinent. I knew I had to try the best the city had to offer while I was there, so Sam and I headed off to one of the most popular restaurants in the city, in HITEC City, to try some delicious Biryani!

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Biryani is a beautiful, colorful dish that is typically made up of three layers. The top layer is usually saffron rice and fried onion, the middle layer is masala rice, and the bottom layer is usually goat or lamb meat (also known as mutton), but chicken, buffalo (beef), seafood, and egg are sometimes used. There are also veg varieties.

The first biryani I tried was mutton. It smelled delicious, and tasted even better! I was seriously at a loss for words. The mutton was juicy and tender, the mix of rices was sensational, the marrow in the mutton bone added a whole new layer of unexpected deliciousness, and I loved the flavors and spices mixed throughout. Despite the variety of spices used, the dish itself is not spicy, heat-wise. This was the best biryani I’ve ever had in my life!

Next up was the egg biryan. The rice was fantastic and like the mutton, the chicken was perfectly cooked and so tender, and had a roasted flavor. The spices were out of this world, and the dish as a whole was stellar. I had to give it two thumbs up!

The next biryani I tried was the veg, which contained beans, peas, and a non-melting Indian cottage cheese called paneer. I was starting to see why Paradise Restaurant is the most famous restaurant in Hyderabad, because everything they make is outstanding. The mix of the paneer with the yellow curry, vegetables, and spices was next level! This was my favorite biryani so far.

And finally, I tried the egg biryani, which contained a poached egg and was outstanding with the mix of rice and Indian spices. I couldn’t even really describe how good it was, but take my word for it: this biryani was phenomenal!

The biryanis came with two different sauces, a peanut masala and a curd. The peanut masala was fantastic, and accentuates the flavor of the rice. I’m not a huge fan of curd, so I didn’t really like that one.

Then it was Sam’s turn to try everything!

Next, we ordered two creamy, milky Indian drinks, a lassi and a falooda. The lassi is more of a yogurt drink, while the falooda also contains rice noodles, jellies, cherry syrup, and ice cream. The lassi had cherry flavor throughout and was very sweet, heavy, and refreshing, while the falooda was less sweet, but still very delicious. It reminded me of a lot of Asian desserts, which often contain jellies and beans.

The final item we tried on the menu was Qubani Ka Meetha, an authentic Hyderabadi sweet that contains stewed apricots, vanilla ice cream, and a cherry on top. It was syrupy and very sweet, and I liked the combination of the giant chunks of apricot and vanilla flavoring from the ice cream. It was almost like a pie filling. So good, but super heavy!

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